Friday, May 12, 2006


Here is some artwork done for a music video for a band called HURT. I came on board to lead the animation and just bring on whatever ideas I had.

Here are some of the earliest designs, before I arrived, done by Jeff Timmins (who has just started his own blog).

Jeff is a great designer and draws completely the opposite of me. He uses hard pencils and loves rendering. I generally use softer leads or thick nibbed/brush pens and attempt to be economical when it comes to line.

This is what the character turned out to looked like after it was put through the paces of animation and a bit of both of our styles mixed in.

It was alot of fun trying to retain Jeff's ink and nib quality in the animation and abandon a traditional cleanup line. Things started to get a little messier the more comfortable we got and later on we even started splattering ink on the animation drawings.

Here are some ruff and clean-up drawings shot on an Animation Lunchbox.
The studio is not set up to do a lot of hand drawn animation, so we were lucky to even wrangle this together.

The video was a mix of hand-drawn animation and stop-motion(animated by Mike Gatty) with some excellent CG work and compositing, thanks to Cuppa Coffee's awesome Broadcast Department.

Here is the Rapture man puppet, with the head sculpted by the multi-talented Jeff Timmins.

Lastly, here are some finished frames from the video. The final look of the video is largely due to the extremely talented director, Mike Spicer, who I have not mentioned yet. Thanks Cuppa! This was a joy to work on.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

a little colour

Just playing around with photoshop, trying to figure out how to add some colour to an existing sketch.